Good Comms

Communication is a force for good

when it forges understanding, bridges differences & empowers us to create a better world.

Good Comms provides communication expertise to teams & organisations that positively impact both people & planet.

How I can help you make more impact

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Internal communication

Are you in the middle of a workplace engagement program and need another pair of hands? Have a new (culture) change initiative which you need to communicate? Or you probably do not have an internal communication team and would like to set it up. I am a communication professional with 20+ years in the field.

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Development communication

Are you an organisation that solves global problems? Do you have a project that needs communication management? Whether you are into sustainability, regeneration or diversity and inclusion, I have a background in working for international development organisations and European-funded projects.

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Inclusive communication

Diversity is us. Inclusion is what we do to make diversity work and reap its benefits. With the growing attention for diversity & inclusion, communicators face challenges and opportunities. Good Comms chooses cohesion over division with our choice of words, images and how we frame stories. You too?

Communication is a catalyst for sustainable positive change when it creates understanding, builds bridges & breaks barriers.

- Chared Verschuur-Ballo (she/her), MA MSc
Owner & Founder, Good Comms

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Behind Good Comms

Hi, I’m Chared, a progressive idealist with 20+ years’ experience in storytelling, awareness-building and communication management. I am in communication because I believe that narratives change the world.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to witness historical events as a TV journalist, appreciate the beauty of science while interviewing Nobel prize awardees, understand the workings of European-funded projects, fathom the paradox of international development and realise the impact of belonging, or the lack thereof, at work.

I realise that a lot of the problems we face are a result of ambiguous, heavily biased and negative messaging. So I built Good Comms to contribute to a better world through communication.

Good Comms is available for interim communication management, strategic advice & mentoring, coaching & training.

What we can create together


Good teams

Did you know that individuals who feel that they belong are healthier and more productive? And that good communication is crucial to how teams can effectively navigate change? With the pandemic reshaping the workplace, there is a need for connection to make sense of workplace culture and change. You need to get your internal communication right.


Good stories

Social problems often land on the front page. What’s missing in the spotlight are the responses to these problems. Countless organisations and individuals use innovation to tackle global issues such as hunger, climate change and equality. Are you one of these mission-driven organisations? Would you like your story to be told?


Good brands

Does your communication reflect the diversity of your market and people? Do your employees feel connection with your brand? Do they feel that they belong? Good Comms audits your brand for diversity & inclusion and helps with inclusive imagery, messaging and framing your stories — from internal to external communication.

"Who we are is how we lead"

Someone once told me that as an independent professional, my personality is my brand. If that is the case, let this blog be a window to my character, interests and skills that will give you an idea on who I am, what I stand for and how I work.

I write about my research on belonging and constructive journalism; workplace cultures; inclusive, internal and change communication.

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