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Hi, I’m Chared, inclusive communication and leadership consultant.

Imagine a world where every person can participate and contribute to positive change.

That is what inclusion and belonging can do.

Why it matters

Solving global problems requires everyone

To effectively address today’s challenges, we need the full engagement of everyone. We need all hands, heads, and hearts to take part. This is only possible if every individual can show up as their whole selves — in the workplace and beyond.

80% of the global workforce needs to be engaged

Employees are at the core of any organization’s success, but data shows more employees are stressed than engaged (Gallup). A sense of belonging increases job performance by 56%, reduces turnover risk by 50%, and decreases sick days by 75% (BetterUp).

Connection is key to sustainable change

Change is a complex process. It requires strong bonds, collaboration and effective communication. When stakeholders of change programs feel a strong sense of belonging, they are more likely to support changes and contribute to its successful implementation.

Here's how I help

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Inclusive communication

I lead communication projects with a focus on social justice, including belonging, diversity, equity, inclusion (BDEI), and sustainability. My experience and holistic approach means that I operate on all three levels of management: operational, tactical and strategic.

To ensure that every voice is heard and the programming is agile, I use the QUINT framework for strategic inclusive communication. To ensure that nothing is forgotten during inclusive communication audits, I use my own ALLIES framework.

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Belonging at work consulting

I help design employee experiences that ensure that every aspect of an employee’s journey —from attraction and onboarding to development and departure — is belonging-focused. For this I use the ACES framework, a product of my own research on internal communication and belonging at work.

To support managers in cultivating team belonging, I coach them using the BELONG framework (Brave space, Emotional agility, Listening, ‘Our’ [inclusive language], Noticing, and Good at repair.

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Co-creation workshops

As a certified LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) facilitator, I conduct workshops on goal-setting, strategy development, organizational culture and change using this methodology which encourages active participation, unlocking knowledge, and challenging conventional thinking.

My workshops, whether online or offline, ensure equal 100% participation, support diversity of thoughts and different perspectives within a safe and creative environment. In these workshops, all voices are heard, exemplifying inclusion in action.

Recent posts

A word after a word after a word is power.

- Margaret Atwood

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