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Hi, I’m Chared. Welcome to Good Comms!

I use communication science to improve the sense of belonging at work.

My approach is rooted in the four pillars of belonging: authenticity, care, empowerment and support.

"Communication is a force for good when it creates understanding, builds bridges & breaks barriers."

Why a focus on belonging?


increase in employee job performance

When employees feel that they belong, they are generally more satisfied with their jobs. This leads to higher levels of engagement and productivity, where employees are more motivated and committed to their work.


decrease in employee sick days

A workplace that promotes a sense of belonging positively affects employees’ mental health, reducing stress, the risk of burnout and turnover. Employees are more likely to stay with an organization where they feel accepted and valued.


enhanced company reputation

Employees who feel a sense of belonging at work are more likely to promote their employers outside of work. These organizations are often viewed more favorably, which can attract top talent and even impact customer perceptions. 

The four pillars of belonging at work

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I can be myself at work

Do you or your employees feel that you/they can bring their whole selves to work? Only when individuals feel that they don’t have to fake it to make it at work can they also bring all of their skills and talents to solve your organization’s most complex problems.

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I matter at work

How belonging-infused is your employee journey? Have you taken note of life events? When people feel that they matter as human beings at work, they are more honest about their feelings, experiences and are also more receptive to change.

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I am an essential part of the team

Do you or your employees feel that they can contribute to a common purpose at work, and in their own terms? And when they do, do they feel recognized for it? When people feel trusted and are recognized for their contributions, they tend to be more committed and stay longer.

— 04


I feel seen and heard at work

Do your employees know who to go to for any questions they have? Do they have a network to trust in your organization? Do they get regular one-on-ones with their managers and do these meetings leave them with a positive feeling about work? Do they feel seen and listened to?

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I write about the work I do and topics I care about: belonging at work, constructive narratives, workplace cultures, diversity and inclusion, and communication in general.

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