Good Comms

Good communication is clear, inclusive & purposeful.

Good Comms provides communication consultancy, belonging at work training and change coaching. We are committed to inclusive workplaces, sustainable development & lasting behaviour change.

How I can help you make more impact

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Communication management

Are you in the middle of a workplace engagement program? Do you need a strong and consistent narrative to drive change? Are you an organisation that solves global problems and in need of communication management?

I have 20+ years of experience in communication and work in the nexus of internal, development and behaviour change communication.

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Coaching & mentoring

Next to my communication work, I have been mentoring starters in the field for some years now. I am also a LeanIn Circle Leader committed to support those who are bringing to life a new definition of leadership.

Are you in need of communication mentorship, leadership coaching or just someone to help you get through a transition in your life?

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Training & workshops

The Good Comms mission is to create a more inclusive world through communication. In an inclusive world, individuals feel that they belong and are able to contribute.

Would you like to create a culture of belonging at work? Are you undergoing culture change since the pandemic turned the the workplace upside down?

Communication is a catalyst for sustainable positive change when it creates understanding, builds bridges & breaks barriers.

- Chared Verschuur-Ballo (she/her), MA MSc
Founder & Lead Consultant, Good Comms

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Behind Good Comms

Hi, I’m Chared, a progressive idealist with 20+ years’ experience in storytelling, awareness-building and communication management (external, internal and for EU projects). I am in communication because I believe that narratives change the world.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to witness historical events as a TV journalist, appreciate the beauty of science while interviewing Nobel prize awardees, understand the workings of European-funded projects, fathom the paradox of international development and realise the impact of belonging, or the lack thereof, at work.

I realise that a lot of the problems we face are a result of ambiguous, heavily biased and negative messaging. So I built Good Comms to contribute to a better world through communication.

Good Comms is available for interim communication management, belonging at work training & change coaching.

What we can create together


Good projects

Good communication ensures awareness, creates shared understanding and the right perception for a program, project or the organisation leading it. With strategic communication, we can lead the narrative, secure the right use of the brand and make projects visible to make it useful for society.

Do you need help in communicating your engagement, change or sustainability project?


Good transitions

Change is hard not because we, humans, are not good at learning new things. Instead, it is that we are not good at un-learning what we have learned. This is also the reason why most change initiatives (70%!) fail. Organisations fail to guide their employees through the transition process.

Using communication as strategy can help you make change navigable.


Good teams

Did you know that individuals who feel that they belong in a team are healthier and more productive? And that a sense of belonging can make good talent stay?

With the pandemic reshaping the workplace, there is a need for connection to make sense of workplace culture. Internal communication that fosters a sense of belonging can make this happen.

"Who we are is how we lead"

Someone once told me that as an independent professional, my personality is my brand. If that is the case, let this blog be a window to my character, interests and skills that will give you an idea on who I am, what I stand for and how I work.

I write about my research on belonging and constructive journalism; workplace cultures; inclusive, internal and change communication.

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