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Six solutions that can keep women at work

The news about women taking double or even triple shifts as they work from home and with daycares closed is no longer new. It is a problem and can push back what we’ve won in gender equality at work to more years back. What is new and has not been highlighted is that, this situation we’re in is also an opportunity to break stereotypes.

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Be a beacon of hope

While there are challenges, there are also solutions. Is there a positive community initiative in your area that is trying to beat loneliness in the time of covid-19? Or maybe you witnessed a heroic act that you’d like to share? Let’s be a beacon of hope in the time of the novel corona virus.

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What are you grateful for today?

One of the values I learned from home is gratitude. I am thankful to have learnt it at an early age that try to take it with me wherever I go. I noticed that in environments where people are less grateful, there’s less joy, like a playground attacked by Death Eaters.

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The power of future-oriented conversations

What do constructive journalism, positive psychology and employee engagement have in common? Future-oriented conversations. These kinds of conversations are led by a future-oriented line of questioning or future-focused feedback. They lead to better understanding and are proven to get the best results out of situations and individuals.

How do these future-oriented conversations look like? What kinds of questions dominate them?