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World Food Day 2020: Feeding the world one food hero at a time

Food heroes are everywhere. If you are involved in putting healthy, local and seasonal food on the table, grow food at home or are adamant about not wasting any food, you are a food hero. This is your day. This is our day. So put your cape on, celebrate and share. Keep food growing and moving to ensure that we have enough to go around.

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Continued food trade urged to prevent pandemic-related hunger

This article was originally written for SNV Netherlands Development Organisation. Global Trade Expert Anabel Gonzalez called on countries to “keep food moving” to prevent pandemic-related food shocks. In the recent ICR Facility webinar on “Food Supply Disruption in times of COVID-19”, she reiterated that while a global food crisis is not visible at the moment, keeping an …

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Why you should really invest in employee communication

Whatever kind of company you are running, good reputation is key to keep the customers coming. Before an exceptional customer journey can happen, an excellent employee experience must be in place. A solid employee communication program ensures that your employees are engaged even before they start working for you.

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Gender gap: 68% closed

The Philippines is once again in the top 10 of the most equal countries, the only one from Asia. Globally, gender gap stands at 68% but according to the World Economic Forum, the Philippines has closed 80% of the gender gap in the country.