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Diversity, equity and inclusion

Six solutions that can keep women at work

The news about women taking double or even triple shifts as they work from home and with daycares closed is no longer new. It is a problem and can push back what we’ve won in gender equality at work to more years back. What is new and has not been highlighted is that, this situation we’re in is also an opportunity to break stereotypes.

“Always be learning” and other lessons from LeanIn

I first read Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead in 2014. The book has so much valuable insights about career women, women in leadership and moms with careers that it remains valuable to me to this day. As the cliche’ goes, it is “more relevant than ever.” When women ask me which book about leadership they should read, I always suggest this book.

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Gender gap: 68% closed

The Philippines is once again in the top 10 of the most equal countries, the only one from Asia. Globally, gender gap stands at 68% but according to the World Economic Forum, the Philippines has closed 80% of the gender gap in the country.

Diversity is beautiful

Every now and then, there are differences of opinion that shock me, the latest of which being the whole fuss around Coca Cola’s It’s Beautiful commercial at the Super Bowl. The background of the story goes like this: Coca Cola translated the song America the Beautiful into different languages with people from different cultural backgrounds singing the part where their own language is featured. There was even a Filipino girl who sang some parts in tagalog (hurray!).

Talking the talk and why it is important to learn a few foreign phrases while traveling

My colleague wanted to buy a box of chocolates from a Polish store but couldn’t get the vendor’s attention. If her voice was too soft or her approach not good enough for the vendor to recognise, I don’t remember anymore. But when I said “Dzien dobry!” coupled with my biggest smile, the vendor quipped “Dzien dobry!” back in her most friendly tone and welcoming smile. Our business in the store was done in a matter of minutes. I closed the conversation with “Dziekuje”.