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Deepening my understanding of social justice

I love to learn. I make sure to follow training/workshops/courses (and read books) that broaden and widen my understanding of my craft and the topics I work in regularly.📚

This time around, I’m embarking on a journey to deepen my understanding of socialjustice through a course at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), University of Cambridge.

Why social justice? Simply because Good Comms stands for “communication that includes”, and understanding the intricacies of equity, inclusion, and belonging as it relates with the broader concept of social justice makes me a better advocate, advisor and consultant.

It’s about enriching my toolkit to foster environments where everyone feels they belong and can thrive — in every narrative I craft and every strategy I devise.

Looking for a communication professional who can partner with you in advancing social justice in and out of the workplace? Let’s connect! 😀

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Image showing a laptop with Cambridge Online Campus written on the open window.

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