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Belonging as strategy to attract and retain talent

Every workplace seems to be understaffed at the moment. There's real war for talent out there. So what can you do to keep your hard-earned employees? This workshop series will tackle the importance of belonging in the workplace, focusing on the hybrid workplace, and how you can harness it as your organisation's superpower.

What you will learn

During this workshop, you will learn about:

  • the importance of belonging at work,
  • the belonging needs specific for new hires, 
  • strategies that foster a sense of belonging,
  • the new (ACES) model for virtual workplace belonging and how it works, and
  • the BELONG framework for people managers.

The resources that you will get is drawn out of a massive amount of literature on belonging and the results of my own research on belonging in the virtual workplace. It is thus a combination of theory and practice and you are expected to actively participate during the workshop.

You should attend if you -

Culture (change) workshop for (IC) teams

What is the role of communication in culture? This training is developed to answer this question and help you navigate your current culture and determine the changes you need to make if you are in the brink of change. It will help you understand how you can contribute to culture (change) as internal communication team. It is thus useful to attend it as a team.

What you will learn

In this highly-interactive workshop, you will learn about:

  • how to determine your own work culture,
  • communication’s role in culture,
  • values and behaviors in culture,
  • work culture best practice, and
  • how your communication strategy can reflect your culture.

In case of culture change

This workshop can also be developed with starting a culture change in mind. In this case, we will focus on:

  • you current values and behaviors,
  • values and behaviors as they should change in the future,
  • the elements of a change program, and
  • your role as communicator in this change.

Endless possibilities

After this workshop, some of the teams I worked with came up with a culture book or an interactive workshop that can be shared with virtual teams. The possibilities are endless.

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What they say

Having Chared as a colleague is a valuable asset. Chared has excellent leadership and strategic communication skills. She is a very good (active) listener, which gives her the ability to provide valuable inputs. She always has the best interest of the team at heart and is an inspiration. It would be a pleasure to have our path cross again.
Frederique Belliard, PhD
Former colleague, FEMS & EHA
Having Chared as part of the Lean In | Netherlands team of volunteers has been amazing. Chared has a creative mindset and she is a powerful brainstormer, which allow her to bring to the table a strong skillset of creativity, leadership & team spirit. Chared is a good listener and she is always honest with her opinions which makes her a great team leader.
silvia roman
Board Member, LeanIn NL
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