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Belonging at work

Belonging in the virtual workplace

Do you remember the last time you were newly hired at work? Did you feel an immediate acceptance, or not? What did it do to you? How did it affect your performance?

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Diversity, equity and inclusion

Six solutions that can keep women at work

The news about women taking double or even triple shifts as they work from home and with daycares closed is no longer new. It is a problem and can push back what we’ve won in gender equality at work to more years back. What is new and has not been highlighted is that, this situation we’re in is also an opportunity to break stereotypes.

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Published work

World Food Day 2020: Feeding the world one food hero at a time

Food heroes are everywhere. If you are involved in putting healthy, local and seasonal food on the table, grow food at home or are adamant about not wasting any food, you are a food hero. This is your day. This is our day. So put your cape on, celebrate and share. Keep food growing and moving to ensure that we have enough to go around.

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Internal communication

The 4 Cs that make internal communication rock

While not new, internal communication has been neglected for a very long time and gaining new ground. Especially now with organisations working from home and lots more swearing that their employees can work from home as much as they want to.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion

5 limiting beliefs of negotiation busted

Loads of research show that women do not negotiate their job offers as actively as men. Not negotiating our job offers is one of the reasons why the gender pay gap exists. This gap is also one of the reasons why Wies Bratby aims to educate women about negotiation.

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Be a beacon of hope

While there are challenges, there are also solutions. Is there a positive community initiative in your area that is trying to beat loneliness in the time of covid-19? Or maybe you witnessed a heroic act that you’d like to share? Let’s be a beacon of hope in the time of the novel corona virus.

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