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Inclusive communication

The world of work is currently diverse, dispersed and digital and will continue to be. The ability to communicate inclusively is not just best practice, it’s necessary to engage and keep employees, reach a broader audience, and create a more equitable society.

It’s more than just using the right words; it’s about creating a space where everyone feels heard, respected, and valued.

What’s in it for you

Inclusive communication is the cornerstone of a more equitable, understanding, and harmonious world. It’s about recognizing that every voice matters and actively working to ensure that everyone has a seat at the table, a voice in the conversation, and an opportunity to thrive. If employee engagement and global reach matters to you, then you’re in the right place. You even get social progress and equal opportunities as bonus.

Why me?

Receive guidance on inclusive communication from not just an experienced communication professional but someone who has made it her purpose to create a sense of belonging at work.

Inclusivity is the red thread that connects all of my post-graduate research projects. Good Comms is built to create a more inclusive world through communication. Some projects I worked on that covers this topic are:

  • Diversity and inclusion and anti-racism program for the United Nations Development Program,

  • Employee engagement program that includes strategy development for, and

  • Culture change and leadership event for Signify (formerly Philips Lighting).

What's covered
My toolbox includes

Interim communication management

Life happens but communication can’t stand still. Are you experiencing a period of transition, change, or have temporary vacancies in communication leadership roles?

Whether you’re facing a sudden crisis, organizational change, or need to bridge a communication gap, I can step in to ensure seamless communication continuity and strategic execution.

What’s in it for you

Ensure uninterrupted communication leadership during periods of transition or temporary vacancies with the flexibility of an experienced communication manager.

Why me?

I love the dynamics that come with transitions, enjoy moving from place to place and take pleasure in handing over well-documented interim reports. In the case of maternity covers, I find it purposeful to help out women enjoy their maternity leave without worries and get back to work with ease.

I have worked in various industries and have experienced collaborating with: 

  • Commercial organizations such as Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) and Footlocker.

  • Nonprofit organizations in international development and healthcare such as SNV World, European Hematology Association, Knowledge Transfer Europe and the Federation of European Microbiological Societies.

  • Government and public sector-funded projects under the United Nations system and European Commission (FP7 and H2020 programs).

  • Educational institutions, Professional service providers and News organizations.

Fields I cover
My experience

I have worked on interim positions where I have to either set-up a new department or step in for maternity cover or projects that just got busier. 

Some of them include:

Project communication

Do you have a project you’d like to start, continue or simply communicate and need a safe pair of hands?

This service is designed to ensure that your projects reach its communication goals through a well-thought-out strategy, well-coordinated planning and reporting.

What’s in it for you

Achieve your project’s communication goals with someone experienced in delivering projects under the United Nations system, European Commission and matrix organizations,

Why me?

I have worked on very varied projects as communication professional, such as:

  • Diversity and inclusion and anti-racism program for the United Nations Development Program,

  • Employee engagement program that includes strategy development for,

  • Culture development and leadership event for Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), and

  • various European-funded projects (FP7 and H2020) to promote research in the life sciences, and more.

What's covered
My experience

Strategic advice & mentoring

Effective communication is a vital skill for personal and professional success. Whether you are an aspiring starter, one-person communication team, or experienced leader, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that each of these roles present and provide tailored guidance to harness the full potential of effective communication.

What’s in it for you

  • Starters: New to the world of communication? This service offers a solid foundation for budding communicators looking to build their skills, confidence and network.

  • One-person communication team: If you’re a solo communicator tasked with representing your brand, business, or cause, this service provides the support and expertise you need to excel.

  • Experienced leader: Have you been a leader for a while seeking to enhance the power of communication in your team or organization? You can benefit from our advanced mentoring and coaching.

Why me?

I have been a starter once, a one-person communication team many times and led teams too! I’ve worked with leaders personally and professionally, and I am a certified transformational coach with certifications in positive psychology, and appreciative inquiry. I am also a lifetime student in behavioural science and strengths-based leadership.

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“Work is love made visible.”

– Kahlil Gibran

Some of the organizations I have worked with

What they say

Chared developed and implemented a communication plan for us to engage employees in the creation of our product's strategy. She took our storytelling to the next level with her video expertise. She also left us with a plan so well-thought-out and detailed we could implement it even when her contract was over.
Senior Internal Communication Manager, Travel & tech industry
It's been a pleasure having Chared on the team, making sure that her department was covered while always sharing such thoughtful ideas, observations and questions. She is a true internal communication scholar with an unwavering commitment to creating inclusive environments. She has lot of good to share!

Head of Internal Communications,
It was great to be back at work and see that I did not have to pick up the same projects that were already on the table before I left for my maternity break. Chared did a good job managing the projects and leaving a very detailed handover document. I could slowly get used to working again. It was like starting anew. I am impressed by Chared's quality of work.
Communication specialist supported during maternity break
I thank Chared for all her help and support. She is a very kind and thoughtful person, with lots of empathy and resilience! It was lovely working with her.
Leanne Carmody
Vice President and Head of Corporate Communications, Signify
Chared is an excellent communication manager with a sense of humor that is focused on results. I highly recommend her.

Senior Director EMEA, Greater Houston Partnership
With Chared as our communication manager, we have come a long way communication-wise. I thank her so much for her professionalism, enthusiasm and can-do attitude.
Former colleague
EU research and knowledge transfer industry

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