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On comms work

Chared did incredible work for me and the team over the past few months. In particular, she helped drive several products from ideation to production, especially all the Speak Up experiences as well as the team activities around the DEI workbooks. I appreciate the initiative she took to go beyond the scope of the TOR's and propose a comms strategy for DEI work at UNDP, and her willingness to work with very little guidance or supervision and still deliver stellar work.
DEI Officer, UNDP
It's been a pleasure having Chared on the team, making sure that her department was covered while always sharing such thoughtful ideas, observations and questions.

She is a true internal communication scholar with an unwavering commitment to creating inclusive environments. She has lots of good to share!

Head of Internal Communications,
I thank Chared for all her help and support. She is a very kind and thoughtful person, with lots of empathy and resilience! It was lovely working with her.
Leanne Carmody
Vice President and Head of Corporate Communications, Signify
Chared is an excellent communication manager with a sense of humor that is focused on results. I highly recommend her.

Senior Director EMEA, Greater Houston Partnership
With Chared as our communication manager, we have come a long way communication-wise. I thank her so much for her professionalism, enthusiasm and can-do attitude.
Former colleague
EU research and knowledge transfer industry
It was great to be back at work and see that I did not have to pick up the same projects that were already on the table before I left for my maternity break. Chared did a good job managing the projects and leaving a very detailed handover document. I could slowly get used to working again. It was like starting anew. I am impressed by Chared's quality of work.
Communication specialist supported during maternity break
Chared developed and implemented a strategic communication plan for us to engage employees in the creation of our product's strategy. She took our storytelling to the next level with her video expertise. She also left us with a plan so well-thought-out and detailed we could implement it even when her contract was over.
Senior Internal Communication Manager, Travel & tech industry

On coaching

As a starting communication professional, I asked Chared for a conversation to get some advice. Luckily she was eager to help and due to her wide and relevant experience, I gained a lot of valuable insights. Chared is a very pleasant, openminded person with strong communication skills. I find her mission to make communication inclusive very admirable and I am certain she is the right person to make this happen.
Fleur Dassen
Digital Marketeer
Chared's mentoring skills brought valuable insights into my private and professional life. Her focused and consistent approach to coaching have helped me put a new perspective on the aspects that bring joy, balance and commitment. Thank you, Chared, for the enriching experience.

Gestalt Counselor
I had the wonderful opportunity to be coached by Chared. She is kind, empathetic and thoughtful and was an outstanding champion who helped me navigate a transition from a draining sub-optimal work environment to a new one. This was life-changing support as I needed to mentally and emotionally prepare and deliver. Her coaching helped me unpack and re-examine beliefs and behaviours that influence my personal and professional life. The sessions were therapeutic but better than therapy because I was able to walk away from a session with a practical plan to guide my next steps and help me achieve my goals. I wholeheartedly recommend Chared!
Julia Zvobgo-Rozenboom
Communication & Media Specialist
I had 6 coaching sessions with Chared in 2022. She was highly professional, asking questions that would enable a coachee to understand their obstacle in a new light, and find different solutions to the same issue. Her calm demeanor ensured a feeling of trust and psychological safety, which is critical, since coachees share vulnerable personal & professional challenges during these sessions. I recommend Chared as a coach for those looking to overcome their obstacles in their personal and professional spheres.

Sangbreeta Moitra
TEDx Speaker

On facilitating

Chared's work on belonging provides evidence that many of the softer aspects of internal comms - like good onboarding and welcoming people - makes a tangible difference in how engaged people feel at work.
Belonging at work webinar
It was great to be interviewed by Chared on her research on belonging at work. It was also wonderful to see how she has organized her findings into a useful tool such as the ACES framework.
Belonging at work research
My experience with the LEGO® Serious Play® workshop is that it encourages you to analyze your own processes, both professionally and personally. Working with your hands as a start clears the mind for reflection.
Michelle hamers, phd
Communications professional
Attendee, LEGO® Serious Play® workshop
The LEGO® Serious Play® session hosted by Chared gave me good insights. By building with the lego bricks, you look at things from a different angle, and it helped me to organize my thoughts on the goals I want to focus on.
Wietske Hollegien
Learning & dev't project manager
Attendee, LEGO® Serious Play® workshop
The LEGO® Serious Play® workshop has directed me in an easygoing and playful manner to evaluate my objectives and pave a path for the future. I really enjoyed Chared’s session and working with the Lego blocks and to form my story and refine my objectives around what I’ve built. It made me think differently, more intuitive, about my goals. Thank you for the fun and inspiring experience!
Nathalie Huijbers
Communications professional
Attendee, LEGO® Serious Play® workshop

On leading

Having Chared as a colleague is a valuable asset. Chared has excellent leadership and strategic communication skills. She is a very good (active) listener, which gives her the ability to provide valuable inputs. She always has the best interest of the team at heart and is an inspiration. It would be a pleasure to have our path cross again.
Frederique Belliard, PhD
Former colleague, FEMS & EHA
Having Chared as part of the Lean In | Netherlands team of volunteers has been amazing. Chared has a creative mindset and she is a powerful brainstormer, which allow her to bring to the table a strong skillset of creativity, leadership & team spirit. Chared is a good listener and she is always honest with her opinions which makes her a great team leader.
silvia roman
Board Member, LeanIn NL

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