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about me.

Hi, I'm Chared.

I am an inclusive communication and leadership consultant. My mission is to help create a more representative, just and less polarised society through the work I do.

A journalist-turned-communication professional, I have 20+ years of experience in storytelling, external & internal communication. I bring with me a diverse portfolio that spans continents & industries having worked on projects with the United Nations, European Commission,, Signify/Philips Lighting, international nonprofits, member-based life science organizations & news bureaus.

In 2021, I built Good Comms with the mission of contributing to a more inclusive world with good communication. What drives me is a future world where every person can participate and contribute to positive change.

I hold an Executive MSc in Corporate Communication, MA in Development Communication & professional certificates in internal and change communication, strategic sustainability communication and social justice at the University of Cambridge. I am also a certified transformational coach and LEGO® Serious Play®  facilitator.

When not designing communication strategies or mnemonics, you’ll find me with my nose in a book, my hands on a DIY project or charting ultralight travels with my family.

Born and raised in the Philippines, I live in South Holland, The Netherlands with my Dutch urban farmer husband & biracial son. I am fluent in English, Filipino and Dutch languages.

Why the hummingbird in the logo? Check out Dr. Wangari Maathai’s hummingbird story.

I may be small but I’m doing the best I can.”

– The Hummingbird

Here's how I help

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Communication management

I lead impactful communication projects with a focus on social justice, including diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and sustainability. My experience and holistic approach means that I operate on all three levels of management: operational, tactical and strategic.

To ensure that every voice is heard and the programming is agile, I use the QUINT framework for strategic inclusive communication. This integrates inclusive branding, storytelling and communication with behaviour change and sustainability communication strategies which ensures smooth change processes.

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Employee experience design

I help design employee experiences that ensure that every aspect of an employee’s journey —from attraction and onboarding to development and departure — is enriched by the four pillars of belonging identified in my research: Authenticity, Care, Empowerment, and Support (ACES).

With ACES, we can cultivate an environment where every employee feels that they can be their true selves at work, are valued as human beings, empowered to do their best work and have a supportive team to rely on when needed.

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Inclusive leaders program

My research reveals that an employee’s sense of belonging is closely linked to their relationship with their manager. Fortunately, belonging is a skill that managers can develop.

To support managers in cultivating team belonging, I’ve created the BELONG framework. This stands for Brave space, Emotional agility, Listening, ‘Our’ (inclusive language), Noticing, and Good at repair. This program consists of an 8-session personalized coaching and training based on these principles.

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Training and workshops

As a certified LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) facilitator and belonging advocate, I conduct workshops that create a sense of belonging using this methodology which encourages active participation, unlocking knowledge, and challenging conventional thinking.

My workshops, whether online or offline, ensure equal 100% participation, support diversity of thoughts and different perspectives within a safe and creative environment. In these workshops, all voices are heard, exemplifying inclusion in action.

What they say

Chared developed and implemented a communication plan for us to engage employees in the creation of our product's strategy. She took our storytelling to the next level with her video expertise. She also left us with a plan so well-thought-out and detailed we could implement it even when her contract was over.
Senior Internal Communication Manager, Travel & tech industry
It's been a pleasure having Chared on the team, making sure that her department was covered while always sharing such thoughtful ideas, observations and questions. She is a true internal communication scholar with an unwavering commitment to creating inclusive environments. She has lot of good to share!

Head of Internal Communications,
It was great to be back at work and see that I did not have to pick up the same projects that were already on the table before I left for my maternity break. Chared did a good job managing the projects and leaving a very detailed handover document. I could slowly get used to working again. It was like starting anew. I am impressed by Chared's quality of work.
Communication specialist supported during maternity break
I thank Chared for all her help and support. She is a very kind and thoughtful person, with lots of empathy and resilience! It was lovely working with her.
Leanne Carmody
Vice President and Head of Corporate Communications, Signify
Chared is an excellent communication manager with a sense of humor that is focused on results. I highly recommend her.

Senior Director EMEA, Greater Houston Partnership
With Chared as our communication manager, we have come a long way communication-wise. I thank her so much for her professionalism, enthusiasm and can-do attitude.
Former colleague
EU research and knowledge transfer industry

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