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Communicating DEIB projects & culture change

Are you working on a diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) project for your organization? Have you started, or do you simply need a safe pair of hands to continue what’s been started?

This service is designed to ensure that your projects reach its communication goals through a well-thought-out strategy, well-coordinated planning and reporting.

What’s in it for you

Achieve your project’s communication goals with someone experienced in delivering projects under the United Nations system, European Commission and matrix organizations.

Why me?

I have worked on very varied projects as communication professional, such as:

  • DEI and anti-racism program for the United Nations Development Program,
  • employee engagement and belonging program for,
  • culture change program and leadership event for Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), and
  • various programs that promote gender equality in the life sciences, and more.
What I cover

Inclusive internal communication

Inclusive internal communication as a service is a specialized offering designed to enhance the way organizations communicate within their workforce.

This service focuses on creating and implementing communication strategies that are mindful of the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and needs of all employees. It ensures that every member of the organization feels seen, heard, and valued, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement.

What’s in it for you

Inclusive internal communication as a service is not just a tool for enhancing workplace harmony; it’s a strategic asset that can drive organizational success. By ensuring that every employee, regardless of their background, feels included and valued, organizations can unlock the full potential of their workforce.

Why me?

Receive guidance on inclusive communication from not just an experienced communication professional but someone who has made it her purpose to create a sense of belonging at work.

Some projects I worked of similar topic are:

  • DEI and anti-racism program for the United Nations Development Program,
  • employee engagement and belonging program for,
  • culture change program and leadership event for Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), and
  • leadership communication that led to culture shift at SNV World.
What I cover

Inclusive storytelling

Stories have power to define what world others experience and perceive. And so it is valid to ask: what kind of world are we creating with our words?

When we write about problems and forget to take stock of all the innovative solutions already available in the world, we fail to provide a more holistic view. For my master’s in development communication, I investigated the elements of constructive journalism and how we can apply it in communication work.

Here’s what I found:

  • When writing stories about underrepresented groups, we underline their shortcomings and forget what they can bring to the table.
  • There are four elements to an inclusive story: History, Ability, Solution, Humanity (HASH).

If you are looking to hire a communication professional who can write, and specifically not just about problems, but solutions, stay in touch!

I write aboute

Inclusive content & branding

With inclusive branding and content, I support organizations in crafting brand identities and content strategies that resonate with and embrace diversity.

This service focuses on ensuring that all aspects of branding—from visual imagery and language to the overarching brand narrative—reflect and celebrate the diversity of your audience. It aims to create brand experiences that are inclusive, culturally sensitive, and appealing to a broad spectrum of people.

Inclusive branding and content is crucial for businesses aiming to authentically connect with and reflect the diversity of today’s global audience.

By integrating inclusivity into the very fabric of your branding and content strategies, you expand your reach and appeal and develop a brand that aligns with the values of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

What I cover

“The single biggest problem in communication
is the illusion that it has taken place.”

– George Bernard Shaw

What they say

Chared developed and implemented a communication plan for us to engage employees in the creation of our product's strategy. She took our storytelling to the next level with her video expertise. She also left us with a plan so well-thought-out and detailed we could implement it even when her contract was over.
Senior Internal Communication Manager, Travel & tech industry
It's been a pleasure having Chared on the team, making sure that her department was covered while always sharing such thoughtful ideas, observations and questions. She is a true internal communication scholar with an unwavering commitment to creating inclusive environments. She has lot of good to share!

Head of Internal Communications,
It was great to be back at work and see that I did not have to pick up the same projects that were already on the table before I left for my maternity break. Chared did a good job managing the projects and leaving a very detailed handover document. I could slowly get used to working again. It was like starting anew. I am impressed by Chared's quality of work.
Communication specialist supported during maternity break
I thank Chared for all her help and support. She is a very kind and thoughtful person, with lots of empathy and resilience! It was lovely working with her.
Leanne Carmody
Vice President and Head of Corporate Communications, Signify
Chared is an excellent communication manager with a sense of humor that is focused on results. I highly recommend her.

Senior Director EMEA, Greater Houston Partnership
With Chared as our communication manager, we have come a long way communication-wise. I thank her so much for her professionalism, enthusiasm and can-do attitude.
Former colleague
EU research and knowledge transfer industry

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