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World Food Day 2020: Feeding the world one food hero at a time

Food heroes are everywhere. If you are involved in putting healthy, local and seasonal food on the table, grow food at home or are adamant about not wasting any food, you are a food hero. This is your day. This is our day. So put your cape on, celebrate and share. Keep food growing and moving to ensure that we have enough to go around.

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Keeping Christmas alive in Salzburg

It there’s a European city where it feels like Christmas all year round, it has to be Salzburg. It has all the elements that anyone can truly enjoy, on Christmas day or any other day of the year: memories of a singing family, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and a whole range of food which are difficult to spell but fairly easy to devour.

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Having Chared as a colleague is a valuable asset. Chared has excellent leadership and strategic communication skills. She is a very good (active) listener, which gives her the ability to provide valuable inputs. She always has the best interest of the team at heart and is an inspiration. It would be a pleasure to have our path cross again.
Frederique Belliard, PhD
Former colleague, FEMS & EHA
Having Chared as part of the Lean In | Netherlands team of volunteers has been amazing. Chared has a creative mindset and she is a powerful brainstormer, which allow her to bring to the table a strong skillset of creativity, leadership & team spirit. Chared is a good listener and she is always honest with her opinions which makes her a great team leader.
silvia roman
Board Member, LeanIn NL
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