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New leader?

Are you taking or have you taken on a new role managing people where you work? Have you been reading on leadership a lot but can't seem to get your head around your own leadership style?

I was in your position once. Only when I read Brene' Brown's "Dare to Lead" did I realize that my leadership style is only as unique as my skills, experiences and beliefs rolled into one.

If you are looking to develop yours, let me help you.

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New parent?

I became a parent of a healthy baby boy in my 40s. While life experience and a wonderful partner certainly helped me navigate this transition in my life, there were also many things I didn't know how to handle, like big feelings. During this time that I became a parent, I also questioned my role in the work that I did.

Would you like to discover your own parenting style? Or just looking to navigate this change in your life?

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New country?

I have been working as a TV journalist in the Philippines for 10 years before I moved to the Netherlands in 2007. This meant that I had to rebuild my career. Learning the language, navigating the culture and building a new professional network was a lot of work -- and that in the midst of vacancies that only look for "native English speakers".

Are you on the same boat? I can help you make sense of this transition.

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“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential
to maximize their growth.”

– John Whitmore

What they say

As a starting communication professional, I asked Chared for a conversation to get some advice. Luckily she was eager to help and due to her wide and relevant experience, I gained a lot of valuable insights. Chared is a very pleasant, openminded person with strong communication skills. I find her mission to make communication inclusive very admirable and I am certain she is the right person to make this happen.

Fleur Dassen
Digital Marketeer
I had 6 coaching sessions with Chared in 2022. She was highly professional, asking questions that would enable a coachee to understand their obstacle in a new light, and find different solutions to the same issue. Her calm demeanor ensured a feeling of trust and psychological safety, which is critical, since coachees share vulnerable personal & professional challenges during these sessions. I recommend Chared as a coach for those looking to overcome their obstacles in their personal and professional spheres.

Sangbreeta Moitra
TEDx Speaker
I had the wonderful opportunity to be coached by Chared. She is kind, empathetic and thoughtful and was an outstanding champion who helped me navigate a transition from a draining sub-optimal work environment to a new one. This was life-changing support as I needed to mentally and emotionally prepare and deliver. Her coaching helped me unpack and re-examine beliefs and behaviours that influence my personal and professional life. The sessions were therapeutic but better than therapy because I was able to walk away from a session with a practical plan to guide my next steps and help me achieve my goals. I wholeheartedly recommend Chared!
Julia Zvobgo-Rozenboom
Communication & Media Specialist

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