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Talking the talk and why it is important to learn a few foreign phrases while traveling

My colleague wanted to buy a box of chocolates from a Polish store but couldn’t get the vendor’s attention. If her voice was too soft or her approach not good enough for the vendor to recognise, I don’t remember anymore. But when I said “Dzien dobry!” coupled with my biggest smile, the vendor quipped “Dzien dobry!” back in her most friendly tone and welcoming smile. Our business in the store was done in a matter of minutes. I closed the conversation with “Dziekuje”.

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The face of Rotterdam

The skies were blue and the wind was calm. We were blessed with good weather. It was like the harbor of Rotterdam was trying to show off its picturesque qualities. On that day. A little over an hour and the sun began to set. Suddenly, the city of Rotterdam turned to gold.

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Jimmy’s Cambodian dream

Jimmy is 24 years old and looked just like any other Cambodian we’ve met – small-built, welcoming, his eyes smiled along with his lips. He also wore long sleeves even in the dead of the heat.

But there was something else about Jimmy that made him a bit different – his dream.

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Barcelona, where the party never ends

I have heard so much about Barcelona before I saw it for real. It is Lonely Planet’s top pick for Europe and one of Mr. V’s favorite cities. I heard about things that one would normally expect of Spain — cuisine with paella in the starring role, late dinner, colorful handicrafts. I also heard about (and saw) the fascinating works and world of Antoni Gaudi (although pictures are never as intoxicating as the real work itself!).  And the non-stop partying  in La Rambla. But what you hear does not prepare you as much as real life itself. That is why traveling is a must when you hear so many beautiful things about a place. Indeed, Barcelona is as alive as one may think. Day and night, it breathes like a real person in his/her youth. As green as the first bud of spring, if I may say so poetically.

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The world in Geneva

Geneva smacks you right in the face with multiculturalism as soon as you arrive. You’d think you’re in Rotterdam, except that they speak French here (among other languages). The most popular city of Switzerland, often mistaken for its capital city, teems with different colors, languages and cuisines. It is a good example of the phrase “small but terrible” – small in size but big in causes. The United Nations is here, the International Red Cross, World Health Organization and International Labor Organization, to name but a few. This global city is also one of the biggest financial hubs in the world, the diplomacy capital, a center of peace. That’s quite a lot to represent, don’t you think?

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Oslo, like a cabin in the woods

With the World Ski Championships starting today (23 February) in Oslo, Norway, the time to show you this place, which we got the chance to see last month, is here and now. I included some pictures and a weekend itinerary with this article hoping to interest you in this wonderful, wonderful place. Cold weather, yes. Expensive, yes. But if you must see a part of Scandinavia, let it be Norway, where the adventure awaits at the airport that makes you feel like you’re entering a cabin in the woods.

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The quest for Rizal

Our quest for Rizal started in the morning of May 10, 2010 — our third day in Madrid and election day. So while the people in the Philippines were busy electing their heroes, we were trying to search for our (Philippines) hero’s statue in the big, bustling city of Madrid. It was not an easy task. Rizal’s statue was not to be found in any of the major plazas in the city. He is also not mentioned in the guide book we carried. With the help of a Madrid map, we were able to find a metro station leading to an avenue named, “Avenida de Filipinas”, so we thought, that could be the place where Rizal is to be found.

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