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Internal communication and belonging

This crisis brought about by the coronavirus pandemic provided internal communication the space to play a strategic role. That insight preceded the pandemic. Dewhurst and Fitzpatrick (2019) refer to internal communication as a behaviour driver and asset grower of an organisation, along with being a content producer and supporter/facilitator.

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Influential internal communication

Research on internal communication and employee identification suggests that “both symmetrical internal communication and leaders’ use of motivating language, including meaning-making, empathetic, and direction-giving languages, induced employees’ perception of a positive emotional culture of joy, companionate love, pride, and gratitude, which in turn enhanced employees’ organisational identification”.

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What is internal communication?

Internal communication goes by many names: employee communication or communications (Athanassiades 1973; Grunig and Hunt 1984; Dewhurst and Fitzpatrick 2019), employee relations (Purcell 1987), internal relations (Men and Bowen 2016), internal communication (Verčič et al. 2012), internal public relations (Kennan and Hazleton 2006), internal corporate communication (Welch and Jackson 2007) and internal marketing (Gummesson 1987; Piercy and Morgan 1991).

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Why you should really invest in employee communication

Whatever kind of company you are running, good reputation is key to keep the customers coming. Before an exceptional customer journey can happen, an excellent employee experience must be in place. A solid employee communication program ensures that your employees are engaged even before they start working for you.

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