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The quest for Rizal

Our quest for Rizal started in the morning of May 10, 2010 — our third day in Madrid and election day. So while the people in the Philippines were busy electing their heroes, we were trying to search for our (Philippines) hero’s statue in the big, bustling city of Madrid. It was not an easy task. Rizal’s statue was not to be found in any of the major plazas in the city. He is also not mentioned in the guide book we carried. With the help of a Madrid map, we were able to find a metro station leading to an avenue named, “Avenida de Filipinas”, so we thought, that could be the place where Rizal is to be found.

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Travel and cultures

Of wats, friendly smiles and elephants

When we go traveling and see stuff like the Wats of Thailand, I can´t help but admire the people who lived before us. Just look at the pyramids of Egypt and the rice terraces of the Philippines! All built with the same philosophy as the Wats, products of manual labor and old-age patience. Somehow, I can´t help but believe that there is something noble in all of that. Somehow, I can’t help but think that maybe, there is a tiny microscopic possibility that we indeed hailed from giants.

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Travel and cultures

Cagayan Valley, rediscovered

The Cagayan that I saw last year was far from the one I knew during the summers of my youth. It was fresh and refreshing. It was rich in virgin forests. It is full of promise. Most roads are already paved. New tourism destinations were even discovered like the white sand beaches that will rival those of Pagudpud. Historical and beautiful churches still stand. Which makes me wonder why Cagayan has always been difficult to sell as a primary tourism destination.

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Travel and cultures
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