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Inclusion works for mental well-being

May, recognized globally as Mental Health Awareness Month, presents an invaluable opportunity for leaders and communicators to reflect on the critical role of inclusive communication in promoting mental well-being within organizations. Inclusive communication goes beyond mere words; it’s about creating a culture that values openness, respect, and understanding, especially pertinent when discussing mental health.

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McKinsey reveals stronger business case for DEI

In McKinsey’s latest report on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), “Diversity Matters Even More”, the consultancy firm highlights that the business case for DEI is now stronger than ever. This report, part of a series that started in 2015, demonstrates a clear link between leadership diversity and higher financial returns as well as broader holistic impacts.

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BDEI reports to look out for

If you’re a communication professional working on BDEI programs, staying informed is not just beneficial, it’s essential. Having access to the latest data, insights, and trends can be the difference between staying relevant or falling behind. This guide provides an overview of key reports that should be on your radar and how they can be integrated into an annual content calendar to maximize impact and strategic alignment.

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Inclusive communication 101

We live in a diverse, dispersed and digital world. The ability to communicate effectively across diverse groups has never been more critical. Inclusive communication is not just a buzzword but a strategic imperative that can define the success of organizations and leaders. This blog explores the principles of inclusive communication, why it matters, and how we can all improve our communication practices to be more inclusive.

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