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Be a beacon of hope

Covid-19 has drastically changed the world. If you started 2020 with grand plans and a bucket list, they probably flew right out the window as soon as the pandemic reached where you are. If you are young and healthy, you can postpone it to one or two years later but how about those who do not have the liberty of time in their hands? And that’s not even the most distressing part. To those who live miles apart from their families, it is heartbreaking to even think that, if something happens, air travel to witness funerals is out of the question.

A New York Times’ story described how the ill and the dying in Italy are taken away from their lovedones not knowing if it is the last time they see each other. One relative was quoted as saying, “It’s like sending them to die alone.” And no one should die alone.


Unfortunately, not everyone seems to be affected by the gravity of this pandemic. Like disasters, this unparalleled event in our history has brought out the indiffirent in others. We know of stories where world leaders dismiss what would have been learnings from other countries. Or where some just would not stay at home because you see, the weather is just so nice, so let’s all go out in the sun, together! This while frontliners in the ICU call on us to stay at home because it is what will save lives.

Even Superman is going nowhere.


Like disasters again, Covid-19 has also brought out the good in humanity. So we know of stories where an old, not-so-rich couple prepare a bunch of packed lunches to feed frontliners for free, where an artist sells her creations for less just to raise funds for the needy. Last weekend, after getting some fresh air (not with a group and we did practice distancing), we came back home with a flower on our doorstep. It was left by an orchid company. Without any buyers, they will just be destroyed anyway.

These are the stories I would like to focus on in the following days, months, or until Covid-19 allows us to spend some time with those close to us once more. Because while there are challenges, there are also solutions.

Be part of the solution

If you have any stories of hope, please send it to Take this chance to be a beacon of hope!

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