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It’s Int’l Women’s Day and we’re fighting about hashtags

Diversity in hashtags/themes means diversity in voices.

There’s been some debate on the celebration of Int’l Women’s Day and proper hashtags/themes. Araneta Center in the Philippines (where I’ve been the last couple of weeks which is why I wasn’t so active here) celebrated it by putting the spotlight on art created by women.

On the arch, you will read hashtag#inspireinclusion. Clearly, they also hashtag#investinwomen. I always believed that proper representation is one of the actions that matter in this area. It’s not about the hashtags/themes but the action.

All over the Philippines, I noticed more than two themes and that’s awareness! While awareness does not automatically lead to change, there can be no change without it.

Diversity in hashtags proves that there are more voices on the table and real inclusion is about welcoming them all. The more voices we include, the faster we achieve hashtag#genderequality.

Whatever hashtag you support, I hope you won’t forget to celebrate women’s work, not only this month and as much as you can. Because hashtag#representationmatters more than you realize.

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