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Embracing diversity and inclusion year-round with the BDEI calendar

As a communication professional, I’ve always believed that our words and messages have the power to shape cultures and influence perspectives.

That’s why I am excited to share something very personal and significant to my practice: the introduction of a Good Comms BDEI calendar tailored for communication teams. This tool isn’t just about marking dates, it’s a commitment to embracing belonging, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (BDEI) in every message we send and every story we tell.

Why a BDEI calendar?

In our role, we wield the unique ability to create understanding, build bridges and break barriers. A BDEI calendar is more than a practical tool. It’s a compass that can guides us through the diverse cultural landscapes, ensuring we remain sensitive and inclusive in our communication strategies. It encourages us to plan with foresight and speak with purpose, celebrating the rich tapestry of human experiences in our internal and external communications.

What’s inside?

This calendar is populated with dates that celebrate both the well-known and the underrepresented. From International Women’s Day to World Refugee Day, from the International Day of Persons with Disabilities to Indigenous Peoples’ Day—each observance is an opportunity for us to learn, honor, and share the unique narratives that enrich our world.

Benefits of using the BDEI calendar

  • Proactive planning: This calendar helps us anticipate and thoughtfully prepare for important dates, ensuring that our messages are not just timely but are also deeply resonant.
  • Inclusive messaging: It serves as a constant reminder to uphold the values of BDEI, helping us connect genuinely with a global audience.
  • Educational opportunities: Each entry is a doorway into a deeper understanding of different cultures and communities, broadening our own horizons and those of our audience.

How to implement the BDEI calendar

  • Integrating the BDEI Calendar into your daily workflow can significantly enhance the impact of your communications.
  • Team collaboration. Encourage your team to bring their unique perspectives to the table when planning how to observe each date, ensuring your content is as diverse as the team creating it.
  • Content integration. You can use the calendar as a springboard for developing rich, engaging content that reflects your commitment to BDEI and educates your audience.
  • Continuous learning. Focus on a different observance each month, dedicating team meetings to discuss what each date means and how you can better support your audience.

In other words

The Good Comms BDEI calendar is a personal pledge to ensure that every piece of communication you craft not only informs but also respects and celebrates the diversity of your audience. By embedding this tool into your communication planning, you can advocate for a more inclusive and equitable society all-year round.


  • Subscribe to the Good Comms BDEI calendar and explore its contents. Reflect on how each date can enhance your current projects.
  • Initiate a monthly discussion with your team about how to effectively incorporate BDEI principles into your communication strategy.
  • Dedicate time to personal growth by learning about one observance each month and sharing insights with peers to foster a learning culture within your team.

Let’s take this step together to ensure our communications not only reach but also resonate with everyone, in every corner of the world.#

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