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BDEI reports to look out for

If you’re a communication professional working on BDEI programs, staying informed is not just beneficial, it’s essential. Having access to the latest data, insights, and trends can be the difference between staying relevant or falling behind.

This guide provides an overview of key reports that should be on your radar and how they can be integrated into an annual content calendar to maximize impact and strategic alignment.

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  • Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benchmarks (GDEIB)
    The GDEIB offers comprehensive benchmarks that help organizations measure their progress in DEIB. The insights from this report can aid in refining strategies and developing more inclusive workplace policies that are not only progressive but also impactful.
  • Deloitte Insights
    Deloitte Insights delve deep into various aspects of workplace culture, including DEIB and organizational change. The actionable insights based on extensive surveys and analysis make this report a must-read for those who aim to spearhead transformative communication strategies in their organizations.
  • McKinsey & Company Reports
    Before every year ends, McKinsey’s insights on diversity and inclusion are a treasure trove of data-driven information. Known for their rigorous analysis, these reports illuminate the state of diversity in the workplace and its correlation with organizational performance, providing a clear picture of where there is room for improvement. Their last insights on DEI was published in December while Women in the Workplace is published around October.

Integrating reports into your annual content calendar

To effectively utilize these reports, integrate their release dates into your annual content calendar. This not only ensures you are prepared to absorb and implement new information as soon as it’s available but also allows you to plan strategic communications around these insights. Whether it’s a blog post, a staff meeting, or a policy update, timing your communications with the release of these reports can enhance relevance and impact.


  • Bookmark the websites of the publications mentioned to quickly access new reports and articles.
  • Set reminders for the month prior to the expected release dates of these reports to prepare for their integration into your strategy.
  • Subscribe to newsletters from these organizations to receive updates on new publications or changes in release schedules.
  • This strategic approach to information will ensure you remain at the forefront of communication trends and best practices, driving positive change and fostering an inclusive culture within your organization.#
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